Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon Whiskey 700mL

$75.00 each


Longbranch Bourbon was created in 2016 by Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell and cultural tastemaker Matthew McConaughey. United by a shared curiosity and love of great whiskey, Eddie and Matthew wondered what would happen if a Kentucky Bourbon took a road trip to Texas. They set out to create a product that did just that. Their creation -an 8-year-old, small batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon, refined with American Oak and Texas mesquite charcoals -was named Longbranch, a reference to an extension of a hand or an invitation for friends to become family. What was originally created as a limited-edition bourbon has today become a beloved whiskey brand. Master Distiller Eddie Russell and his family continue to helm Longbranch and bring this exceptionally smooth bourbon to the world.

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Product Details

Liquor Style Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol By Volume 40%
Standard Drinks 22 Approx.
Closure Cork
Region Kentucky
Sub Region Lawrenceburg
Bottled in Wild Turkey Distilling Co.

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