Asahi Super Dry 3.5 Bottle 330mL

$3.99 each


Asahi Soukai Bottles (330ml) offer a light and refreshing Japanese beer experience. With its low alcohol content, this beer is designed for easy enjoyment without compromising on flavour. Delicate and crisp, Asahi Soukai carries a balanced taste that pairs well with a variety of dishes or as a standalone refreshment. Embrace the essence of Japanese brewing tradition with every sip of Asahi Soukai – a beer that embodies both subtlety and satisfaction.

Place of origin


Tasting Notes

Pale straw in colour with a bright white foam and brilliant clarity, this beer maintains the unique Karakuchi profile.

Product Details

Liquor Style Lager
Alcohol By Volume 3.5%
Standard Drinks 1
Closure Crown Seal
Region Japan
Bottled in Australia