Baker's Kentucky Straight Premium Whisky 7yo 750mL

$115.00 each


Baker's Bourbon is a small batch American Whiskey produced by the Jim Beam Distillery. Made alongside Booker's in the Small Batch family, Baker's gains its name from Baker Beam, a descendant of the legendary Jim Beam. Representing the very best, this ultra-premium sour mash bourbon is painstakingly produced using a time-honoured recipe and in limited quantities of the utmost quality. Exuberant, bold and silky smooth, Baker's is destined for appreciation by true bourbon connoisseurs. Bottled after seven years of ageing in new, charred American white oak barrels, Baker's Bourbon exhibits the strong, rich flavours and aromas reminiscent of pre-prohibition era bourbon whiskeys.

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Alcohol By Volume 53.5%

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