Cazcabel Honey Liqueur 700mL

$65.00 each


Cazcabel Honey Tequila is a tequila brand that combines the flavors of tequila with the sweetness of honey. It is produced by the Cazcabel Tequila company, which was founded in Mexico and is known for creating unique and flavored tequilas. The origin of Cazcabel Tequila is Mexico, as it is produced in the tequila-producing regions of the country, such as Jalisco.Cazcabel Honey Tequila offers a balance between the natural agave flavors of tequila and the sweetness of honey. The tequila itself provides the distinctive agave flavours, which can include herbal, citrus, and earthy notes. The addition of honey adds a smooth and sweet element, enhancing the overall taste profile of the tequila.

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