Disaronno Liqueur 700mL

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Hailing from the picturesque land of Italy, DISARONNO AMARETTO is deeply rooted in Italian tradition and craftsmanship. The recipe for this beloved liqueur has been passed down through generations, ensuring the preservation of its unique character and signature taste. DISARONNO AMARETTO is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in various ways. Sip it neat or on the rocks to appreciate its almond elegance, or use it as a key ingredient in classic cocktails like the Amaretto Sour and Godfather. Its timeless appeal and exquisite flavor have made it a beloved choice among liqueur enthusiasts worldwide. Indulge in the luxurious charm of DISARONNO AMARETTO, and let its warm and nutty notes transport you to the heart of Italy's rich culinary heritage. Savor the essence of Italian excellence in every sip of DISARONNO AMARETTO.

Tasting Notes

The sweet almond aroma on the nose is bright and lively. The almond flavour is not super cloying and gives a nutty, toasted backnote on the finish. Softer on the palate however with a rather short, sweet flavour of almond and marzipan.

Product Details

Alcohol By Volume 20
Standard Drinks 11
Closure External threaded screw cap
Region Saronno
Bottled in Italy

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