Hendrick's Gin 700mL

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A captivating and unique gin that stands apart from the crowd. Hendrick's Gin is crafted using a blend of carefully selected botanicals, including juniper, rose petals, cucumber, and a secret infusion of botanical essences. This combination results in a gin with a distinctive flavor profile that is both floral and refreshing. With its smooth and balanced character, Hendrick's Gin is perfect for classic gin cocktails or enjoyed neat over ice. Embark on a journey of extraordinary taste with Hendrick's Gin, where tradition meets innovation.

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Tasting Notes

Traditionally, Gin has always served as a fantastic pairing to seafood and oysters but the infusion of cucumber and rose in Hendrick's can also lend itself to pair deliciously with turkish delight and also of course, cucumber sandwiches.

Product Details

Liquor Style Gin
Alcohol By Volume 41.4
Standard Drinks 23.7
Closure Cork
Bottled in Scotland

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