Ink Gin 700mL

$86.99 each


Husk Distillers Ink Gin is a unique and popular gin produced by Husk Distillers, an Australian craft distillery located in Northern New South Wales. Ink Gin stands out from traditional gins due to its vibrant blue color, which is derived from the addition of butterfly pea flower petals during the distillation process. When mixed with certain ingredients, such as tonic water or citrus juice, the pH level changes and the gin transforms from blue to a soft pink or purple hue, making it visually striking. The botanical lineup in Ink Gin includes traditional gin botanicals like juniper, coriander seeds, and lemon peel, as well as Australian natives like Tasmanian pepper berries, lemon myrtle, and butterfly pea flower. This combination results in a complex flavor profile that is both citrusy and floral, with hints of spice. Husk Distillers Ink Gin is known for its smoothness and versatility, making it suitable for various cocktails or enjoying neat. Its unique color-changing property adds an element of visual interest and makes it a popular choice for creative mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts.

Place of origin

Tumbulgum; NSW

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