Johnnie Walker Green Label Whisky 700mL

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Johnnie Walker Green Label is a blended malt whisky in the Johnnie Walker range. It is known for its unique composition, as it is created by blending single malt whiskies from different Scottish distilleries, without the addition of grain whisky. This results in a whisky that showcases the distinct characteristics of various malt whiskies. Here's a general description of Johnnie Walker Green Label: Blend: Johnnie Walker Green Label is a blended malt whisky, meaning it is a combination of single malt whiskies from different distilleries across Scotland. The precise combination and proportions of the whiskies used in the blend are a closely guarded secret of Johnnie Walker. Flavor Profile: Green Label is often described as having a rich and complex flavor profile. It offers a balance of flavors from different malt whiskies, which can include notes of honey, fresh herbs, orchard fruits, malted barley, and subtle smokiness. The combination of these flavors creates a harmonious and layered taste experience. Aging: The individual single malt whiskies used in Johnnie Walker Green Label are typically aged for at least 15 years, contributing to the depth and maturity of the final blend. Packaging: Johnnie Walker Green Label is presented in a distinctive bottle, often featuring the iconic Johnnie Walker striding man logo and a label that reflects its green color scheme, which represents the freshness and vibrancy of the whisky. Availability: Johnnie Walker Green Label is a permanent part of the Johnnie Walker range and is more widely available compared to some of their limited edition releases. It can often be found in well-stocked whisky retailers or specialty stores. Please note that the flavor profile and specific characteristics of Johnnie Walker Green Label may vary slightly between different batches and bottlings. It's always best to check with official sources, authorized retailers, or the Johnnie Walker brand for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding this particular expression.

Product Details

Liquor Style SCOTCH
Alcohol By Volume 43
Standard Drinks 23.7
Closure Bottle

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