Plantation Original Dark Double Aged Rum 700mL

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The essence of Plantation Rum Original Dark is the wealth of its palate and technique of double ageing. It comprises the elegant Rums of Jamaica and Barbados, which are distilled then aged in their tropical climate in the Caribbean in American oak barrels before travelling to France. Once in Europe, the House cellar master decides on less high esters for the rum and blends in old rums from Jamaica (15 - 20 yrs).​

The result - a profound structure, spiced with notes of cinnamon and clove, whose smoky quality adds texture.​

Tasting Notes

Nose - Hints of black peppercorn, clove, cinnamon, baked cherry, prune, molasses; later sniffs encounter forest, leaves, black tea, dry stone. Palate - Entry is fruity with white raisins, dried pineapple, and is off-dry. Mid palate is spicy, piquant, minerally, and significantly drier than the entry stage. Ends spicy.

Product Details

Liquor Style Rum
Standard Drinks 22.1
Closure Cork
Region Jamaica and Barbados
Bottled in Cognac, France

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