The Macallan Triple Cask 12YO Single Malt Whisky 700mL

$140.00 each


Macallan 12 Year Old Triple Cask is a distinguished and exquisite single malt Scotch whisky that exemplifies the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail for which The Macallan distillery is renowned. This expression is aged for a minimum of 12 years, allowing it to develop depth, complexity, and a remarkable character. The Triple Cask maturation process of Macallan 12 Year Old involves aging the whisky in a combination of three types of oak casks: European sherry seasoned oak casks, American sherry seasoned oak casks, and American ex-bourbon oak casks. This unique combination imparts distinct flavors and aromas to the whisky, resulting in a harmonious and multi-layered profile. In the glass, Macallan 12 Year Old Triple Cask displays a rich amber color, enticing the senses with its warm and inviting hue. The aroma is a delightful fusion of dried fruits, vanilla, toffee, and hints of oak spice, creating an alluring bouquet. On the palate, this whisky delivers a luxurious and velvety experience. The flavors of ripe apples, citrus, sweet raisins, and a gentle touch of cinnamon unfold, intertwined with the signature Macallan richness. The whisky is well-balanced, with a smooth mouthfeel and a lingering finish that leaves a pleasant warmth and satisfaction. Macallan 12 Year Old Triple Cask is an exceptional whisky that showcases the mastery of maturation and blending at The Macallan distillery. It is a testament to the commitment to excellence and the pursuit of perfection that has made Macallan a revered name in the world of single malt Scotch whisky. Whether savored neat, with a drop of water, or as the centerpiece of a whisky cocktail, Macallan 12 Year Old Triple Cask invites you to indulge in the sophisticated and complex flavors that have made it a cherished choice among whisky enthusiasts. Experience the artistry and heritage of Macallan with this exceptional expression.

Product Details

Alcohol By Volume 40.0%
Standard Drinks 22
Closure External threaded screw cap
Region Speyside
Bottled in Scotland